Press Clips: In 1995, four partners founded Mudd

August 01, 2002

In 1995, four partnersıDick Gilbert, Marty Weisfeld, George Fontini, and JoAnn Jacobsenıfounded Mudd, which quickly became a teen and ıtween girlsı ımust-haveı apparel brand. Jacobsen, who is also vice president of design, named Mudd for a particular kind of brown jeans she had created for another jeans company. The Jeans Genie used in Mudd promotions, and prominently displayed on the companyıs web site, is, in fact, Jacobsen herself, and the Mudd logo is her handprint. Says Jacobsen about the Mudd moniker, ıWe knew it was an awesome name peoplc would remember.ı

Mudd now is in the thick of the licensing game: Everything bearing the name Mudd in stores is licensed out, save for the companyıs well-known jeans. ıWe are in apparel, footwear, accessories, and home furnishings,ı says Steven Seidman, president of Ingroup Licensing, which exclusively handles licensing for Mudd. ıWe now are looking into cosmetics and fragrances, as well as the continuing expansion of our international program.ı Products licensed out by Mudd include bags; small leather goods; juniorsı and girlsı tops, sweaters, hosiery, outerwear, shoes, intimate apparel, and sleepwear; hats, scarves, and gloves; swimwear; watches; towels and bedding.

A cyber trip to provides an instant picture of Muddıs brand identity: young, funky, and fun. This brand is NOT about your motherıs jeans. ıJuniors use Mudd to express themselves, so we attract a wide audience,ı notes Seidman. That audience picks up Mudd duds and accessories at mid-tier, department, and specialty stores. Retailers carrying Mudd include Bang Bang, Fashion Bug, Filenes, JCPenney, Kohlıs, Macyıs, Sears, Nordstrom. May Co., Joyce Leslie, Robinsonıs, and Gadzooks.

ıWe meet with our retail partners as often as possible to plan the growth of the brand,ı Seidman says. ıWe also discuss brand positioning within the store and, of course, profitability. We are involved in the sales, planning, and promotion of our brand, and we believe retail management is the key to making this program work.ı