Press Clips: Mudd signs two licensing deals to make junior's and girl's sleepwear

March 22, 2002

New York-based youth brand Mudd has signed two new licensing deals to enter the junior and girlýs sleepwear market.

Ingroup Lieensing, which is the exclusive agent for Mudd, orchestrated the first licensing deal with New York-based Cayset Fashions to design a juniorsý sleepwear collection and then signed another deal with AME for a Mudd girlýs sleepwear line.

Elliott Azrak of AME said: ýMuddýs girlýs sleepwear will be in-store for fall ý02, selling to Muddýs existing retail outlets.ý AME also holds licenses for Barbie, Osh Kosh and the Power Rangers.

Peter Wisotsky at Cayset Fashions, which already has the licenses for Mudd sweaters and girlýs tops, indicated that they would be selling Muddýs juniorýs sleepwear to Kohlýs, JC Penney, Sears, Mervynýs and Marshall Fields.