Press Clips: Mudd Expands To Europe

December 01, 2001

Ingroup Licensing recently signed a deal with Drew Pearson International (DPI) to launch Mudd in Europe.

Mudd, a youth brand in the U.S., will release denim, tops and bags. The line will be introduced first in the U.K., Germany and France. Current retail outlets include House of Fraser, Arcadia Group, America Today and Karstadt. Utilizing DPlýs network, manufacturers based in different countries will handle the production for all territories, but will handle sales for all licensed products in their respective countries.

Chrono Import will manufacture jeans and handle sales in France; Buccaneer Europe Ltd. will manufacture knit tops and hats and handle sales in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and the U.K. and Marco GmbH will make shoes and handle sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Meanwhile, VIB Norway AS will take over sales in Sweden and Norway; Cami Co. will handle Finland; VIB Norway will handle Denmark; Trade Euroswan will handle Portugal and Spain while Italy will be handled by Mirage S.R.L.