About Us

The people behind INGROUP LICENSING are experienced, committed, market savvy professionals with years of experience in the fashion industry. A boutique shop, with global contacts at the highest levels among retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.
Judi Seidman, President
Judi Seidman - President
Judi Seidman founded InGroup Licensing with her husband Steven, based on their shared vision of a full-service licensing agency specializing in the fashion industry. She has served as InGroup's President...read more

Jonathan Seidman, Vice-President
Jonathan Seidman - Vice President
Jonathan Seidman joins InGroup as the third generation in the family's licensing and fashion businesses. Noticing the fast convergence between fashion and technology, Jonathan first completed his degree in computer...read more

Steven J. Seidman, CEO
Steven Seidman—CEO (1950-2007)
Dear Friends, Someone once said, 'there are only five great people you will meet in your life". Steven Seidman would qualify as one of those people. His inspiration, courage, integrity and...read more