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ASPEN was founded in the 1940's, and is one of the most well known ski resorts in the world, and to those people that have had the chance to visit Aspen, or those who aspire to what Aspen is, the name conjures up thought of the outdoors, nature/natural beauty, and the rich and famous. Although best known for it’s skiing, Aspen Colorado enjoys twelve months of beautiful scenery and outdoor adventure.

The Aspen trademark was granted in 1953 to Thomas Hilb & Co., Denver, CO. In 1958, Hilb sold the business to Richton International who formed ASPEN SKIWEAR COMPANY until 1983, when ASPEN SKIWEAR COMPANY was purchased by Robert Maltz, today’s present owner.

In 1992 ASPEN LICENSING sold its trademark rights for fragrances and cosmetics to Coty. ASPEN LICENSING retained its trademarks in other categories; Sportswear, Outerwear, Accessories and Sporting Goods. Due to its popularity, Coty Inc., launched a women’s fragrance entitled ASPEN SENSATIONS and a men’s fragrance line called ASPEN DISCOVERY.

In 1996 ASPEND LICENSING began building a sub-brand strategy and introduced ASPEND SPORT and ASPEN EXTREMEM.

Today, ASPEN LICENISNG INTERNATIONAL, INC. continues to provide moderately priced retailers with exciting products that reflect the ASPEN LIFESTYLE.