Brands we helped build


Angels is a $120 million+ wholesale denim line in the Junior moderate market. The line has been in the market for nine years, and continues growing each month. Their weekly rate of sales in the junior denim department leads all other brands. Angels’ focus is the young junior customer; there is also a significant business in Girls.

Angels is the #1 Junior jeans brand at Kohl’s, Sears, and JCPenney; Angels has been honored by Sears as one of their top 1% of vendors, and is Vendor of the Year at JCPenney for Junior Denim.

Angels does substantial business both in the mid-tier and department store levels; Angels is the #1 moderate jeans brand in Macy’s East, West and South divisions.

Angels has an excellent reputation in the industry for quality and prompt deliveries; their designs are on-target for the Junior market, and they design all their own belts.